Chicago O’Hare Parking Rates

Information You Need To Know About Chicago O’Hare Parking Rates

When it comes to Chicago O’Hare parking rates securing your parking arrangements well before you travel is very important if you are looking to save on money as well as precious time. Finding affordable parking at O’Hare airport can be a bothersome process, but is definitely possible with a little bit of research and advance planning. Below are a few tips you can follow to find a parking arrangement that suits your budget.

Compare Different Off-Site Lots For More Affordable Parking Rates

Driving around the economy parking area at O’Hare airport is an extremely stressful process especially when you are running out of time to check in and board on time. However, you won’t have to worry about this issue when you decide to book ahead of time using one of the many available off-site options. These are businesses that provide parking that is situated very close to the airport. When using one of these lots your parking spot is guaranteed and all that you will need to do is take one of the shuttles that will conveniently transport you directly to one of the airport terminals.

Use A Search For Hotels Near To O’Hare Airport
That offer Free Shuttle Services And Parking

If your flight happens to be very early in the morning or you live a far distance from the airport, you may want to consider staying over at one of the hotels the night before your flight. Most of these hotels are situated under four miles from the actual airport and many offer a frequent shuttle service along with a free parking option provided you stay in the hotel.
This particular option is highly recommended when you require long-term parking or when you decide you would like to explore the area of Chicago a few days before your actual flight. Some hotels offer parking packages and shuttle services that allow you to park your car for around 2 weeks for free.

Choosing Chicago O’Hare Economy Parking Or Remote Parking

ORD, Chicago International Airport is extremely big with various parking options. But with the high-passenger volumes that are very similar to LAX, most of the parking lots are not in a comfortable walking distance in relation to the terminals.

How Much Are Chicago O’Hare Parking Rates?

Chicago O’Hare is regarded as one of the more expensive when it comes to parking rates so it is always advisable to skip out on trying out the daily lots and rather choose one of the economy lots when choosing an overnight parking spot.
However, it is wise to consider that the economy lots charge between $10 to $17 a day and are always the first lots to fill. If you arrive at the airport and the economy lot has been filled you will probably have no other choice than to make use of the daily parking option that costs between $34 to $35 a day. For these reasons it is always advisable to research other available options to ensure that arriving at the airport is as stress free as possible.